Driftwood Inn's rates vary from as low as $69.99 per night and up. Please note, in order to obtain the exact price of a room, call Driftwood Inn, 24 hrs a day. See rates during the weekends, summer, and dates when special events take place in Chestertown and the surrounding areas; such as hunting seasons, Washington College graduation weekend, car race, and so on. Some weekends require a two-night minimum stay. Other rates may be provided for guests who wish to stay for longer periods. Please check out the many discounts we have to offer. Here at Driftwood, we are committed to making sure our rates are least expensive and affordable.

By choosing Driftwood Inn's hotel to stay for your vacation or business trip you join our generous discount system and coupons offered to all our current guests. Fill out an online form on our website or give us a call today and choose from among our hunting season special rates and offers that you can use within a couple of months at your convenience or present to your family or friends. Win our special coupons either to visit Black Line Studios tattoo cover up parlours in Toronto or have discounted services within our partners' network. Get acquainted with the list of our partners and the exclusive services offered by them to choose the one to your liking or that is closest to you. We take every effort to offer only the best services to our guests. Give us a call today to take an advantage of your vacation at our Driftwood Inn's hotel.

Crumpton Auction Special Barn Sale

Hunters Specials

For your convienence, we accept the following methods of payment:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Master Card
  • Traveller's Checks
  • Cash
  • Sorry, no personal checks

We offer the following discounts:

  • AAA / AARP
  • Senior Citizens
  • Military
  • Corporate
  • Crumpton's Auction

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