Storing Seasonal Items in Self Storage

As soon as spring has come, we start thinking about storing winter blankets, jackets, fur coats, winter shoes in the right place. In the autumn, we also face a problem of storing light summer clothes and sports equipment. After all, it's not enough just to put things in a closet, or take them to a garage, you need to provide them with proper storage conditions so that not to spoil their appearance. You can do it by usin self storage Barri.

What things refer to the seasonal items?

  • Winter or summer shoes and clothing (boots, fur coats, hats, mittens, swimsuits etc);
  • Various sports equipment (snorkels, skis, skates, sleeping bags, tennis rackets etc.);
  • If you don’t want to have unnecessary problems connected with the storage of seasonal items in the apartment, you can apply to self-storage rentals which will provide self storage units of different size with round the clock access. Boxes with shoes and sports equipment can be placed on shelves, and seasonal clothes packed in special cupboard boxes. You can buy boxes and shelves directly from the company which provides self storage services. However, when it comes to storing winter clothes, you should carefully prepare them for storage. Before storing your fur coats, you should have them dry cleaned. Do not use polyethylene bags for packing fur coats as they should breathe. Otherwise, after long storage without air, the fur will fade, and the fur coat will have an unpleasant stale smell.

    It is recommended to store fur hats in cardboard boxes so that they do not lose shape.

    Don’t forget to stick the photo of the items on the boxes if you want to find the right thing whenever you need it.

    Seasonal footwear, as well as clothing, must be kept clean and dried. Before storing your winter boots in self storage units, carefully examine each pair. Perhaps, your boots need repairing. You should keep each pair of shoes in a separate package. You can buy cardboard boxes with a transparent window, so you could see what items are stored.

    To prevent the shoes from deformation, put pads or paper inside them. It is also worth putting silica gel packets in each box or bag with shoes. These packets absorb moisture.

    It is necessary to treat the items made of natural fur, whether it is a fur coat or winter boots, with moth repellents. Do not store shoes with wet insole: remove them, dry them and put them in the same box next to the pair of shoes.

    Keeping your seasonal items in a self storage unit is a perfect way to free up space in your apartment. You can feel secure if you know that your seasonal items are stored in a safe and climate-controlled environment and you can access your personal belongings at any time.

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